DykeWrite is a site and webring devoted to dyke issues, culture, and community. Our goal is to continue in the spirit of the original DykeWrite site and ring in covering subjects such as sex, religion, art, politics, literature, gender, and relationships, as well as issues relating to femmes, butches, lesbians, bisexuals, queer women, transsexuals, and trans* people.

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DykeWrite in Web 1.0 (2002-2004)

"The original DykeWrite was founded in early 2002. Tracy’s mission was to make a place for dykes to get together to interact, mingle, rant, rave and philosophize. She wanted it to be more than a typical webring in that the members would get to know each other and actually visit each other’s websites. She encouraged members to promote each other and to encourage one another. [...]

"In May 2003, for personal reasons, Tracy handed DykeWrite over to Gianna and [Jenna]. Being more enthusiastic than practical, [Jenna and Gianna] reorganized the website rather than the systems that were causing the problem. It wasn’t that DykeWrite needed a redesign so much that it needed a different approach.

"In November 2003, through collaboration with the current DykeWriters, a new idea was developed. Shortly thereafter an elaborate assortment of tools was used to develop a new system. The new website launched November 26th.

"In May 2004, the DykeWrite website was completely rebuilt using the same design (with a couple additions) and whole new CMS, called ExpressionEngine. [...] The drastically improved website launched June 1st."

The last archive of the original DykeWrite on the WayBack Machine is in June 2004, after which the page went blank before being replaced by a domain squatter.

DykeWrite in Web 2.0 (2022-Present)

20 years after the founding of the original DykeWrite, our revival of DykeWrite was concieved December 20th, 2022, by the writer, AJ, and Crow of a body et al. We're personally committed to queer history, culture, and dyke issues, and are working to recover queer web history as well as promote the online dyke community.

The completed site and webring launched on December 23rd, 2022.

2022-present; DykeWrite 2022 is a revival and not affiliated with the creators of dykewrite.com in any way.